5th Annual Grandmother Council Make a Nomination for 2007 Livig Earth Cicle 2006 GC Conference Livig Earth Cicle


12:30 Live Music by Seraphim
1:00 Opening Ceremony - Living Earth Circle with Agnes Baker Pilgrim offer the opening prayer and music by Whistling Elk Native American Drum and The Women With Wings Choir
1:30 Grandmother Council Session with 2007 Honorees Facilitator: Carolyn Shaffer
2:45 Performance by The Corvallis Raging Grannies
3:00 Break, Live Music by Duane Light, Refreshments
3:20 Movement with Angie Thusius
3:30 Keynote: Agnes Baker Pilgrim, International Alliance of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Q&A with Grandmother Council Honorees

Facilitator: Nancy Hawthorne


Community Honoring Ceremony for All Women Elders- Lisa Pavati and Living Earth Circle with Whistling Elk Native American Drum and The Rogue Valley Peace Choir.

Closing prayer: Agnes Baker Pilgrim

6:00 Dinner break

Celebration of Women's Voices (MC: Carolyn Shaffer)

Musical Performances by:
Talia Rose, Cantrell Maryott, Aletha Nowitsky, Kat and Windsong

8:00 "Granny D Goes To Washington" film
8:30 Granny D speaks
9:00 Q&A session
9:00 Reception: Meet Granny D


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2006 GC Conference Livig Earth Cicle